You, Your Doctor, and CBD

If you’re considering using CBD, it’s likely that you’ve talked about it with your friends, and your family. But perhaps the most important conversation you should have about CBD is with your doctor. While many might be reticent to discuss something like a hemp-based product with their healthcare provider, more and more doctors are aware of the growing use of cannabis products and may know more about it than you realize.

But if you’re worried about the stigma behind cannabis products like CBD and you aren’t sure how to broach the subject with your doctor, we’re here to help. Medimorphic offers high-end CBD and hemp-based products that easily integrate into your health and wellness goals. To ensure that you have a productive conversation with your doctor, let’s take a look at how you can prepare and what some of your talking points should be.

Why Do You Need to Talk to Your Doctor About CBD?

This is something we hear a lot from those new to CBD and from those who have used it for a while. Many assume that since CBD is a natural compound derived from a plant, so there’s no need to worry about using it. It’s true that the side effects of CBD on its own are fairly mild, but that’s not the reason you should talk to your doctor. If you’re using an over-the-counter or prescription medications, your doctor might be worried that they could have an adverse reaction with the CBD treatments you’re also using. It’s best to play it safe and chat with your doctor before you use CBD. But how do you do that?

Make Sure It’s Legal for You to Use

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, it is federally legal for you to use CBD and other hemp products in every state in the Union. However, state laws may differ and prevent you from owning and using CBD. It’s important to inspect your local laws before purchasing CBD.

Additionally, you’ll have to be aware of which plant your CBD has been derived from. To be considered legal for use, the hemp your CBD was extracted from has to have a THC concentration of less than 0.3%. Additionally, CBD sourced from marijuana is only legal in states that have made that cannabis plant legal for recreational and medical uses. In these states, your doctor is likely more than aware of CBD and its benefits. This could make your conversation much easier. Of course, you can avoid all of this double-checking by ordering your CBD products from a trusted resource that only uses CBD isolates like the Medimorphic family of products.

Create a Game Plan

While you can use CBD with or without the support of your doctor, you’ll find that your doctor will be more receptive to the idea if you have a strong sense of how you want to use it and for what purposes.

For example, if you’re living with dry, itchy skin and OTC skin care options aren’t working, you might approach your doctor about using a CBD-based salve instead. Or if you’re dealing with symptoms of anxiety, you might find that a CBD softgel helps you to better manage your feelings.

If you’re using a medication for these purposes already, it’s important to learn about their side effects, and how long it takes to taper off of them. By having these talking points ready, you can discuss slowly replacing a medication with a CBD product instead.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get a Second Opinion

The research into CBD is always changing and evolving. As the evidence that CBD can play a role in a variety of treatment options continues to grow, more and more doctors are likely to learn more about the cannabis compound. In the meantime, some doctors may hesitate to suggest a CBD treatment. In these cases, it’s okay for you to seek out a second opinion. In many states, you’ll find a doctor who has a background in cannabis treatments and can help you include CBD into your health and wellness plans.

Order your CBD Products Today

An easy way to make CBD a regular part of your health and wellness treatments is to use high-quality CBD isolates. The Medimorphic family of CBD products includes premium micromists, softgels, and salves that all make use of our isolates to offer you the full benefits that this cannabis compound has to offer.

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