Tailoring Your CBD Dose to Your Needs

One of the reasons that CBD and hemp products have gained so much traction in recent years is because they are so versatile. From aches and pains to emotional issues, this cannabis compound can be used to help manage a myriad of issues. But if you’re new to CBD, it can be difficult to figure out how much you need to take to enjoy the benefits and meet your needs.

Fortunately, tailoring your CBD dosage is easier than it sounds, and with a little patience, you’ll enjoy everything that CBD has to offer. Medimorphic offers high-end CBD products to enhance your lifestyle. Let’s take a look at how you can find the right CBD dose for you.

Why Aren’t There Prescribed Doses on the Package?

For those new to using CBD, one of the things they first notice is that there is no set dose suggested on the packaging. Unlike something like an over-the-counter or prescription medication, there is no conclusive research that can suggest how individuals will react to varying amounts of cannabidiol.

When you purchase something like a micromist, salve, or softgels, you’ll find that the concentration of CBD within the product varies from brand to brand, even within the same product line. Some might feature a few milligrams while others might have a gram or more. As such, you’ll have to find the right dose for yourself.

Some might assume that taking more CBD will have a more pronounced effect, but that isn’t always the case. Cannabidiol has what’s called “biphasic properties,” meaning that taking larger amounts may sedate you while taking smaller amounts could stimulate you. This makes it important to carefully try using CBD in increasing amounts until you get the results you’re looking for.

So How Do You Find the Right Dose?

Determining the right CBD dose for you requires a little bit of trial and error. First off, take a look at the CBD product you’re using. It should list the CBD concentration in each drop, spray, or softgel. For first time users, starting with a lower concentration of CBD is recommended until you can measure how your body reacts to the cannabis compound.

As you start your relationship with CBD, it’s important to remember to start low and take it slow. Taking too much won’t have any harmful effects but you might experience some unpleasant, but temporary, side effects like dizziness, grogginess, or an upset stomach.

If you’re using a CBD salve, you can find the right amount by applying a dime-sized amount to your skin and working it in thoroughly. Over the course of an hour, keep track of how you feel and how you seem to be reacting to it. If you’re using softgels, you can follow a similar process. Take one capsule, and track how you feel over a few hours. Whatever CBD product you’re using, it’s best to only use more once you understand how you react to a smaller amount. By going slowly like this, you’ll reduce the chance of feeling crummy by taking a bit too much.

If you’re using products from the Medimorphic family of CBD products, here’s the precise dosing we recommend:

  • Micromists spray exactly 2.5mg per spray in our regular strength, and 5mg per spray for our extra strength.

  • Softgels are precisely 10mg nanosuspended in our regular strength product and 25mg nanosuspended in our extra strength.

Can You Take Too Much CBD?

One of the best parts of CBD is that your body is naturally ready to make use of it. Your Endocannabinoid system is set up to put these compounds to use to help your body. As such, you can’t take “too much” CBD and overdose like you can with other substances.

In fact, studies have yet to find a lethal dose of CBD. One study asked subjects to consume 30 times more than the recommended dosage of cannabidiol, and the subjects experienced no lasting adverse effects. This study showed that the human body is uniquely set up to tolerate even high amounts of CBD. Of course, taking a lot of CBD isn’t without its side effects. In addition to nausea and grogginess, others have reported feeling things like:

  • Dry mouth

  • Lowered blood pressure

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • And more

Make Sure CBD Doesn’t Interact With Your Other Medications

Of course, finding the right dose of CBD means nothing if it’s having an adverse effect on the effectiveness of the other OTC and prescription medicine you may be taking. To make sure you don’t experience a negative reaction between these substances, talk to your doctor before you begin using CBD or other hemp products. We’ve discussed that in detail in a previous blog, so make sure to read that too.

If you’re looking for premium CBD and hemp products, explore the Medimorphic family of CBD products. We offer high-quality brands like nuhumun that carries micromists, softgels, and salves that are infused with our CBD isolates. Order yours today.

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