There is a myriad of skin care products available to you on the market today. Rather than relying on a chemical formula that leaves your skin feeling dry and tight, rely instead on a CBD-infused salve that gently nourishes and smoothes your skin.


What Are CBD Salves?

Salves make use of a simple list of ingredients to create a complex product. Using a wax base, mixed with an oil or butter of some kind, the salve is infused with other natural ingredients to provide a soothing sensation, a unique aromatic profile, and smooth texture. When infused with CBD, salves can be used to nourish the skin as well as target painful areas, like irritated skin, sore muscles, or aching joints. With no water in the formula, CBD salves can last for long periods of time without breaking down, meaning they’ll stay effective and useful for years to come.

How Does It Work?

While the wax serves to hold the salve together, protect its shelf life, and enrich the skin, it’s the oils within the salve that help to convey the CBD into your skin to begin the healing process. The fatty acids within both the oil and the CBD offer anti-inflammatory properties. This keeps your skin looking youthful, firm, and smooth. The lipids within the oil base transport the CBD across the cell layers of your skin, allowing the cannabis compound to begin gentle healing the skin. The body’s natural endocannabinoid system is prepared to absorb and utilize CBD thanks to receptors throughout the body, including the skin. This is one reason the CBD is so readily absorbed into the skin.


What are the Benefits of Using CBD Salves?

When ingested orally, CBD can have a healing effect on your entire body, including your skin, aching muscles, or irritated joints and wounds. However, when applied directly to the skin itself, as with a salve, CBD can be used directly on an affected area.


CBD has proven successful to help reduce the inflammation in your muscles and joints. This is especially useful for those with sports-related injuries who need to offer certain spots on their body a soothing, pain relief salve.

Irritated skin from burns, cuts, skin conditions, or rashes can be hard to live with and can cause pain to someone. Fortunately, CBD has shown promise in helping to treat these conditions and ailments, especially when used as a topical. The CBD can help your skin recover more quickly, limiting the pain you feel from these conditions.

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Who Should Consider Using CBD Salves?

A CBD salve can be enjoyed and used by nearly anyone. It’s gentle on the skin, and its oil and wax base doesn’t leave any chemicals or residues on the skin. In particular, those with chronic skin conditions or regular joint and muscle pain might find a CBD salve to be a great alternative to over-the-counter medications or gels. Additionally, a CBD salve can easily be integrated into anyone’s regular skin care routine.


Offer your skin the nourishment it needs with a CBD salve.