Topicals are used in a variety of ways by people all over the country. From skin care to pain relief and more, a topical like a CBD gel is an easy way to include this hemp-derived compound into your regular health and wellness routines.


What Are CBD Gels?

Much like CBD creams, CBD gels are a topical that can be applied directly to the skin. Gels are transparent and have the consistency of a jelly. Mostly water-based, rather than oil-based, gels are readily absorbed by the skin. Colorless in character, gels don’t leave any lasting coating when applied to the skin. When infused with CBD, gels are an effective way to nourish your skin with the healing properties of this hemp-derived compound quickly.

How Does It Work?

CBD gels essentially behave like a water-based lotion. Unlike creams, gels have fewer emollients and oils which makes them compatible with oily and dry skin alike. With their water base, these CBD gels are great for hydrating and moisturizing the skin without leaving any residue or film. When applied to the skin, the water base helps to move the CBD into the skin where it binds with the network of nerve receptors called CB2. This allows the CBD to offer its healing effects to the targeted part of the body.

The essential fatty acids and vitamins that are within the CBD in the gel are great for your skin. The fatty acids help your skin feel smooth and firm, while vitamins A and D protect your skin from UV ray damage and minimize acne flare-ups.


What are the Benefits of Using CBD Pills?

The key advantage of using a topical like a CBD gel is that it can be applied directly to the area that needs relief. Rather than being processed by your body through the digestive system, the CBD is made bioavailable by the cell membranes in your skin. This means that you’ll notice the effects of the CBD quicker than if you were to use an oil or pill.


From a skin care standpoint, gels have a host of benefits. The gels have a non-oil texture to them, which makes them great for those who have naturally oily skin. Their water base means that they aren’t heavy and won’t make your skin feel weighed down. The water also helps to make the skin feel plumper and more youthful looking, which helps to make fine lines less obvious.

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Who Should Consider Using CBD Pills?

For those with dry, flaky skin, aching joints, and cramped muscles, taking oral anti-inflammatories may not offer them the relief they need. Instead, using a CBD-infused topical like a gel allows them to target specific areas to offer relief. This makes a CBD gel a great product for athletes, those with chronic pain issues, or irritated skin.


A CBD gel can also find its way into anyone’s regular skin care routine. Its gentle nature and water base mean that it’s great for those with sensitive or oily skin as it can calm their skin and moisturize it at the same time.


Whether you’re caring for your delicate skin or your aching muscles, using a CBD gel can help you care for your body.